While living in South Korea in 2017, I drew several murals.
I used techniques such as chalk, paint and markers to produce those various wall art.

Asiance Office

Asiance is a digital agency in the middle of Seoul. I had multiple opportunities to decorate
the black wall in the center of the workspace. The big “A” is inspired by korean traditional patterns,
the “I” was added for Asiance’s conference on AI technologies.
The rainy mural celebrated their newly opened office in Tokyo. The field in the night was made for
the Lunar Festival of september, the biggest holiday on the korean calender,
a moment where people often go visit their family in the countryside. 

Pink Angels charity event

During Halloween 2018, the non profit organisation “For Future Foundation” organised a large charity event
to raise funds for orphans girls in Myanmar. I performed a live art mural during the event.

Korean Bars

Bars like the Macaroni Funky Club of Hapjeong commissioned me to decorate part of their interior.
They were drawn in chalk or white marker to better reflect UV lights.

© Jean Berthelot Kleck