Jean Berthelot-Kleck

Every one draws when they are young, because it’s fun. Eventually we stop drawing for various reason. But some don’t stop and keep drawing. That is my case.

I went to drawing classes throughout my scolarship. I got a high school degree with a specialization in Art. I then attended the prestigious and rigourous parisian art school Penninghen. After receiving my Masters in Art Direction with honors, I traveled here and there, worked and lived in Boston, Seoul and Paris. All this while keeping a notebook close in order to draw anything and everything of interest around me.

Now living in Paris, I tend to various artistic project related to my love for illustration. Turning small sketch into large painting, compiling portraits made since 2004, capturing the contemporaty angst, and the occasional commissions.

If you wish to learn more about me, you can check my linkedin or my design website or simply contact me.

Clients : CHANEL korea, BIC france, BNP, MIT Design Lab, BRADESCO, 3M, EHWA university, NIKON, CLIMAX

Publications : VICE magazine, BeArt Magazine, Japan Magazine.

Book covers : Corée à Cœur by Ida Daussy, Idoles by Marianne Weller, Manu

Exhibitions : Seoul, Marseille, Boston.

© Jean Berthelot Kleck